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RockPlus - it’s back! (March 2013)

After an absence from the airwaves of nearly three years, RockPlus is back!

Presented by John, RockPlus is the best in rock music - old and new - and a few extras added in. Catch it on Mondays from 2pm to 4pm, only on Saint FM Community Radio.

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Random Thoughts (June 2012)

The St Helena Independent [The Turner Family:News Archives]

At the end of April 2012 John started contributing articles for the St Helena Independent. From 15th June this column will be a regular feature, under the title "Random Thoughts". Please contact us with your feedback and suggestions.


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Saint Helena Youth Parliament (March 2012)

Logo of the Saint Helena Youth Parliament [The Turner Family:News Archives]

Youth Parliament is a worldwide movement giving young people a voice and the opportunity to be heard by the people who make decisions about their lives. Founded in October 2011 the Saint Helena Youth Parliament (SHYP) is completely independant of schools or government. Its moto is “Our Island, Our Future”.

Its website was built by Andrew as part of a school project; his first attempt at writing HTML. Please visit the site at and read about its activities and plans (and feel free to congratulate Andrew on his production).


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Important notice - browser compatibility (November 2011)

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Site Launch (January 2009)

Finally! To celebrate the fourth anniversary of our arrival on St Helena we’ve (finally) launched the Turner Family website. We hope it was worth the wait.

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