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A man without God is like a fish without a bicycle


Random thoughts by John, around the subject of not believing in God.

The following are no longer updated but may still be of interest

Played on RockPlus


What was played on RockPlus

Heard a track on RockPlus and liked it but didn’t catch what it was? This may help you identify it.

What’s cooking in the Burgh House Kitchen


St Helena food and cookery-related blog (Read the first posting to find out more.)

Just About Anything


Anything that comes to Andrew’s mind in relation to life, the universe (especially the universe), and anything . . .

The MondayPM programme Blog


What was played on MondayPM

Heard a track on MondayPM and liked it but didn’t catch what it was? This may help you identify it.

The Rock+ Blog


What was played on Rock+

Heard a track on Rock+ and liked it but didn’t catch what it was? This may help you identify it.

And Finally . . .


Funny stories from the Saint FM International News, in the days when John was reading it.

Notes From St Helena


When we first arrived here John kept a blog of our experiences settling into St Helena.

Random Thoughts

The St Helena Independent [The Turner Family:Blog Stuff]

At the end of April 2012 John started contributing articles for the St Helena Independent. And from 15th June this column became a regular feature, under the title "Random Thoughts".


In 2013 the blog was closed and deleted, after pressure was applied to Catherine to censor John’s writings.

Unfortunately, in a small community like St Helena it is very easy to censor the public writings of an individual, either by applying pressure to the individual concerned or to members of his/her family.

One day St Helena may become a free country…


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